Here you find some information about the network and its founders.

We founded the Empirical Financial Intermediation network in 2016, with the goal of organizing small scale, high quality workshops to give a stage to (especially young) academics working on financial intermediation. 

Part of our motivation was the fact that promising early-career researchers do not regularly receive invitations to departmental seminar series, and hence do not often get the opportunity to gather feedback on their work during longer presentations. Our workshops aimed to fill this gap.

Another part of our motivation was simply to bring together colleagues in a friendly atmosphere to foster knowledge dissemination, collaborations, and friendships.

Olivier De Jonghe

Olivier is Research Economist at the National Bank of Belgium

Mike Mariathasan

Mike is Associate Professor of Finance at KU Leuven

Klaas Mulier

Klaas is Associate Professor of Finance at Ghent University