We organize the EFI meetings bi-annually. You can find the programmes of our past editions here.

11th Workshop - April 26, 2024 

8h30       Registration/Security (and coffee)

9h00       Welcome

9h10       What Do Lead Banks Learn from Leveraged Loan Investors?

Max Bruche (Humboldt University of Berlin), with R. Meisenzahl and D. Xiaoyu Xu 

Discussant: Tim Eisert (Nova School of Business and Economics, CEPR)

      coffee break

10h40     Bank Financing of Global Supply Chains 

Andrea Presbitero (IMF, CEPR), with L. Alfaro, M. Brussevich and C. Minoiu

Discussant: Evren Ors (HEC Paris)

coffee break

12h10       Size-Based Regulation and Bank Fragility: Evidence from the Wells Fargo Asset Cap

Tianyue Ruan (National University Singapore), with S. Vij

Discussant: Diane Pierret (University of Luxembourg, CEPR)

13h10 Lunch 

14h30        INVITED TALK: When Broadbank Comes to Banks: Credit Supply, Market Structure, and Information Acquisition

Enrico Sette (Banca d’Italia, CEPR), with A. D’Andrea and M. Pelosi

16h00       Banking Without Branches

Niklas Amberg (Sveriges Riksbank), with B. Becker

Discussant: Christophe Spaenjers (Leeds School of Business, CU Boulder)

17h00       post workshop drinks & bites

10th Workshop - November 17, 2023 

9h00   welcome coffee


9h30  Unintended Consequences of QE: Real Estate Prices and Financial Stability

Sebastian Schreiber (Goethe University), with T. Berg, R. Haselmann, and T. Kick

Discussant: François Koulischer (University of Luxembourg)


10h30   coffee break


10h50  Climate Stress Tests, Bank Lending, and the Transition to the Carbon-Neutral Economy

Klaus Schaeck (Bristol), with L. Fuchs, H. Nguyen, and T. Nguyen

Discussant: Giorgia Barboni (Warwick)


11h50   coffee break


12h10  Borrowing Beyond Bounds: Credit Conditions for Large Bank Clients

Felix Corell (VU Amsterdam), with M. Papoutsi

Discussant: Jan Keil (HU Berlin)


13h10   Lunch


14h30 INVITED TALK SMEs Exposure to Inflation Risk

Neeltje Van Horen (Bank of England & University of Amsterdam), with V. Ioannidou, S. Karmakar and E. Markoska


15h30   coffee break


15h50  Does Monetary Policy Shape the Path to Carbon Neutrality

Robin Döttling (Erasmus University Rotterdam), with A. Lam

Discussant: Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier (Banque de France & SciencesPo)


17h00   post workshop drinks

9th Workshop - April 28, 2023 (Post-COVID Relaunch)

9h00   welcome coffee


9h30  Lending to Women in Times of Conflict

Mrinal Mishra (U Zürich)

Discussant: Orkun Saka (City, University of London)


10h30   coffee break


10h50  Distributional Income Effects of Banking Regulation in Europe

Melina Ludolph (IWH Halle), with L. Brausewetter, F. Bremus, and L. Tonzer

Discussant: Arzu Uluc (Bank of England)


11h50   coffee break


12h10  Shock Absorbers and Transmitters: The Dual Facets of Bank Specialization

Sotirios Kokas (Essex), with R. Iyer, A. Michaelides, & J.-L. Peydro

Discussant: Matthias Efing (HEC)


13h10   Lunch


14h30 INVITED TALK What explains changes to the LBO debt market post financial crisis?

Sascha Steffen (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), with R. Fahlenbrach & S. Rotermund


15h30   coffee break


15h50  Can Open Banking Substitute Credit Bureaus?

Kumar Rishabh (HEC Lausanne)

Discussant: Artashes Karapetyan (ESSEC)


17h00   post-workshop beers

8th Workshop - November 8, 2019

9.30h   welcome coffee

9.50h  Gender Discrimination in Small Business Lending. Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Turkey  

Ralph De Haas (EBRD, CEPR, Tilburg University), with M. Brock 

Discussant: François Derrien (HEC)

11.00h   coffee break

11.20h  In the dangerzone! Regulatory uncertainty and voluntary bank capital surpluses

Aakriti Mathur (The Graduate Institute, Geneva), with P. Eckley and W. Francis

Discussant:  Diane Pierret (University of Luxembourg)

12.30h  lunch 

14.30h  INVITED TALK Government Guarantees, Transparency, and Bank Risk Taking

Robert Marquez (University of California, Davis), with T. Cordella and G. Dell'Ariccia

15.30h   coffee break

15.50h  Covenant-Based (Non)Banking Competition

Roberto Steri (University of Luxembourg), with R. Abuzov and C. Herpfer 

Discussant: Hans Degryse (KU Leuven)

17.00h   post-workshop beers

7th Workshop - May 3, 2019

9.30h   welcome coffee

9.50h   Good Connections: Bank Specialization and the Tariff Elasticity of Exports 

Jean-Stephane Mésonnier (Banque de France), with A. Berthou and T. Mayer

Discussant: Filippo de Marco (Bocconi)

11.00h   coffee break

11.20h  Non-Bank Loans, Corporate Investment, and Firm Performance

Sonny Biswas (Bristol), with N. Ozkan and J. Yin

Discussant: Jasmin Gider (Tilburg) 

12.30h  lunch 

14.30h  INVITED TALK (Why) Do Central Banks Care About Their Profits?

Vasso Ioannidou (Lancaster University, CEPR), with I. Goncharov and M. Schmalz

15.30h   coffee break

15.50h  How Do Short-Term Financial Constraints Affect SME’s Long-Term Investment? Evidence from the Working Capital Channel 

Théo Nicolas (Banque de France)

Discussant: Serafeim Tsoukas (Glasgow)

17.00h  post-workshop beers

6th Workshop - November 16, 2018

9.30h   welcome coffee

9.50h   Heterogeneity in Bank Monitoring: The Case of Loan Covenant Violations

Moritz Stieglitz (IWH), with S. Colonello, and M. Koetter

Discussant: Artashes Karapetyan (ESSEC Business School)

11.00h   coffee break

11.20h  Bank Capital and Risk-Taking: Evidence from Misconduct Provisions

Belinda Tracey (Bank of England), with R. Sowerbutts

Discussant: Diana Bonfim (Banco de Portugal) 

12.30h  lunch 

14.30h  INVITED TALK Bad Times, Good Credit

Kasper Roszbach (Norges Bank), with B. Becker, and M. Bos

15.00h   coffee break

15.50h  Bank Competition for Wholesale Funding: Evidence from Corporate Deposits

Florian Balke (Goethe University Frankfurt), with I. Aldasoro, A. Barth, and E. Eren

Discussant: Daniel Streitz (Copenhagen Business School)

17.00h   post-workshop beers

5th Workshop - April 27, 2018

9.30h   welcome coffee

9.50h  The Role of Trust in Online Lending

Christoph  Bertsch (Sveriges Riksbank), with I. Hull, Y. Qi, and X. Zhang

Discussant: Christophe Spaenjers (HEC)

11.00h   coffee break

11.20h  Risk Shifting and Foreclosure Law: Evidence from the Securitization Market

Danny McGowan (U. Birmingham), with H. Nguyen

Discussant: Glenn Schepens (ECB)

12.30h   lunch 

14.30h INVITED TALK Profitability Sclerosis & Political Exit Barriers in Banking

Michael Koetter (IWH Halle & Otto-von-Guericke-University), with B. Fritz, C. Mueller, and F. Noth

15.30h   coffee break

15.50h  Stressed Banks

Diane Pierret (U. Lausanne & SFI), with R. Steri

Discussant: Sonny Biswas (U. Bristol) 

17.00h   post-workshop beers

4th Workshop - November 17, 2017

09.30h   welcome coffee

09.50h  Entrepreneurship and Information on Past Failures: A Natural Experiment

Christophe Cahn (Banque de France), with M. Girotti & A. Landier

Discussant: Larissa Schäfer (Frankfurt School)

11.00h   coffee break

11.20h Bank Deposits and Liquidity Regulation: Evidence from Ethiopia

Nicola Limodio (Bocconi), with M. Strobbe

Discussant: Matthieu Chavaz (Bank of England)

12.30h   lunch

14.30h INVITED TALK Sharing the Pain? Credit Supply and Real Effects of Bank Bail-ins.

Thorsten Beck (Cass), with S. Da-Rocha-Lopes & A. Silva

15.30h   coffee break

15.50h  Winning Connections? Lobbying and the Resolution of Failed Banks

Thomas Lambert (Erasmus Rotterdam), with D. Igan, W. Wagner & Q. Zhang

Discussant: Guillaume Vuillemey (HEC)

17.30h   post-workshop drinks

3rd Workshop - May 19, 2017

10.30h   welcome coffee

11.00h  The Interest of Being Eligible

Jean-Stéphane Mesonnier (Banque de France), with C. O'Donnell & O. Toutain

Discussant: Aurore Burietz (IESEG Lille)

12.30h    lunch

14.30h INVITED TALK To Ask or Not To Ask? Collateral and Screening in Lending Relationships

Hans Degryse (KU Leuven), with A. Karapetyan & S. Karmakar

15.30h    coffee break

16.00h  Lending and Shareholding

Günseli Tümer-Alkan (VU Amsterdam), with F. Fecht, J.-L. Peydro & Y. Yu

Discussant: Andrada Bilan (U Zürich & SFI)

17.30h    post-workshop drinks   

2nd Workshop - November 25, 2016

11.00h  What determines the international transmission of monetary policy through the syndicated loan market?

Balinth Horvath (U Bristol), with A. Demirgüc-Kunt & H. Huizinga

Discussant: Mintra Dwarkasing (Erasmus Rotterdam)

12.15h   lunch (Belga Queen, Wolvengracht 32, 1000 Brussels)

14.00h INVITED TALK Systemic risk-taking at banks: evidence from the pricing of syndicated loans

Wolf Wagner (Erasmus Rotterdam), with D. Gong

15.00h   coffee break

15.15h  The real effects of capital requirements and monetary policy: evidence from the United Kingdom

Filippo De Marco (Bocconi), with T. Wieladek

Discussant: Henri Fraisse (ACPR)

16.30h   post-workshop beers                          

Inaugural Workshop - May 27, 2016

12.15h    lunch (Belga Queen, Wolvengracht 32, 1000 Brussels)

14.00h    Does the cost of equity impact bank lending?

Claire Celerier (U Zürich), with S. Ongena & T. Kick

Discussant: Tim Eisert (Erasmus Rotterdam)

15.15h   coffee break

15.30h   The real effects of credit constraints: evidence from discouraged borrowers in the Euro area

Klaas Mulier (U Ghent), with A. Ferrando

Discussant: Tobias Berg (U Bonn)